Branding, Promotion, & Graphics

Walters Music Venue

What is Walters Music Venue?

Walters Music Venue is a beautifully transformed, 200-year-old, state of the art barn theatre. Thanks to its world-class entertainment and top notch production quality, it has become an entertainment mecha for tourism and music lovers everywhere. Walters Music Venue attracts over 80,000 patrons a year and stands as a gathering place for some of the most talented and entertaining artists around the world.

About My Role:

My work with Walters Music Venue has been incredibly expansive, as I lead nearly all visual media creation for the venue. This encompasses everything from brochures, posters, thumbnails, advertisements, videos, and more.

There is an art to developing for this venue. Maintaining a consistent brand identity for the theatre itself is imperative for everything that gets made. Alongside this, the unique branding for each individual performance must seamlessly blend with the theatre’s design and philosophy.

Everything has a purpose. When creating designs for a performance, the media must not only succeed in being appealing to the target audience, but also be adaptable for a diverse array of screens and print media. It must be impactful, and remain in people’s minds. As an example, in developing the backstage pass for the venue staff, it needed to integrate Walters Music Venue’s brand identity, look great against clothing, and be specially crafted to look amazing when printed onto a glossy, thick paper finish. No matter what the task is, I am always careful to consider its intended purpose. I always ensure to achieve this in my designs.

Performance Promotional Media

Every performance at Walters Music Venue requires its own visual identity. It needs to be appealing to the target audience, be adaptable for a diverse array of screens and print media, be impactful, and remain in people’s minds. Here’s an example of the show “The Long and Winding Road”, where I designed the logo and composition from scratch. I created the portraits of both Paul McCartney and John Lennon using my advanced skills in AI artwork.

Original Artwork
Artwork With Gaps

On-Stage Screens

The back of the stage at Walters Music Venue features a triple-wide projector array to showcase promotional material and provide various backdrops during a performance. There are three separate projector screens directly next to each other. When I develop content for these screens, the small gaps between them as well as potential colour imperfections are just a couple of things that I need to consider.

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