about me

Schyler Lambert


I’ve always felt inspired to create. Growing up in the world of entertainment and travelling the world has given me the opportunity to see so many things. It has sparked my passion into the arts and particularly in the digital world. I am proud to be an award winning video editor and to have nurtured my soul into doing something that I love to do.

What I Do


Specializing in digital design and iconography, my mind explodes with ideas for all your social media, animation, gaming and artwork.


I’m a timeline wizard. Social media to television projects will look their best with my pro edits and advanced colour correction for a beautiful result.


Developing an animation for your logo or design is a piece of cake. I will create the perfect motion graphic for your project and finish it with frosting.


I rock at creating logos! Whether it’s a product, business or an app logo, I’ve got you covered with a design that will make your project pop.


I grew up immersed in music. I play multiple instruments, sing, and even work on some behind-the-scenes work such as stage setup, audio, and lighting.


Coding has become a hobby of mine, born from my desire to create. I have so many ideas for apps, computer programs, and scripts that I develop and work on everyday.

What People Are Saying

“I loved the icons and I think the users are going to love them too!”
Marcos Tanaka, MusicHarbor, Brazil (App Icon Set)

“Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart man, I absolutely ADORE this”
Rose Arsenault, ChillyLily, Canada (Social Media Branding)

“Thanks for doing such a great job! I think you have a great future in animation!”
Greg Fess, Greg Fess Photography, Canada (BakerStone Motion Graphics)




70,000,000 Ideas

632 Visits To Starbucks

2,789 Edits

3,049 Files Transfered