Icon Pack For The Elgato Stream Deck

Palette – For The Elgato Stream Deck

What is a Stream Deck?

The Stream Deck is like a keyboard. The user can customize the function and look of each key to suit their individual needs and style.

About Palette:

I created Palette to fill a gap within the Stream Deck community. The Stream Deck icon library lacked a crucial feature— colours. Recognizing the importance of personalization to the Stream Deck community, I set out to address this need. This led to the creation of Palette, a collection of colours and gradients tailored for Stream Deck devices. With Palette, users gain access to a wide array of colour variations and blends, catering to individual preferences and styles. I meticulously designed both the icon pack and its branding. Palette’s visual identity had to be eye-catching, modern, understandable, iconic, and ensure users could instantly grasp its benefits and how it would integrate into their lives. Since its launch, Palette has become a huge success. Since then, it has already accumulated a massive 30,000+ downloads.

Special Honours

Featured In Monthly Roundup

Palette was awarded the honour of being centrally presented under the “Monthly Roundup” promotional material in the Stream Deck marketplace. Out of all the other apps released during Palette’s launch period, it really set itself apart.

Featured On Elgato’s Website

I promoted the launch of Palette across social media using a series of custom made promotional content and materials. Shortly after, the social media team at Elgato, creators of Stream Deck, reached out to me personally. They requested my approval to feature my social media post on their official website as part of their company’s ongoing promotional materials.

5,000+ Downloads
10,000+ Downloads

Milestone Promotional Material

As Palette continuously gained popularity, I created various graphics to celebrate its milestones.

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