Animation & Graphic Design

BakerStone Oven

What is BakerStone?

BakerStone is a brand known for its innovative outdoor cooking products. One of their most popular items is the Pizza Oven Box, which turns a gas grill into a pizza oven.

About The Series:

I was asked to produce motion graphics that highlighted the capabilities for a few of BakerStone’s products. One of the products was a grill top pizza oven. Beginning from the ground up, I recreated the oven’s real-life appearance in my signature digital aesthetic. The graphics were used in animated videos for use in BakerStone commercials. The animations were designed to showcase the oven’s features and functions. This included the flames, air circulation, and other internal mechanisms. The final outcome was precise and easily understood. It both effectively showcased the oven’s features and helped BakerStone show off their product to the world.

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