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Absolute Health & Wellness

What Is Absolute Health & Wellness?

Absolute Health & Wellness is a healthcare clinic that offers a range of health services to support individuals in living their best lives. They offer a variety of services tailored to meet several different health-related needs.

About My Role:

During my years as the lead Visual Brand Developer at the company, I had the opportunity to showcase my talents in a big way. Upon starting my role, I captured the existing brand identity of the clinic and took it to a whole new level. My contributions spanned a wide spectrum, encompassing the production of a myriad of custom graphics, animations, videos, social media content, advertisements, posters, informative printed handouts, and more. I played a pivotal role in shaping and refining virtually every facet of the business’s visual output.

Health & Wellness Explained Educational Video Series

It’s not a secret that medical information can get complicated and is often quite boring. In an effort to help educate people about various common conditions and services the clinic provides, I set out to find a solution to this problem. The result was the Health & Wellness Video Series. As part of this large scale project, I built several completely original animated videos. Each video was created to provide information in a fun and entertaining way. Creating these videos was a massive undertaking. I conducted extensive research on each topic and fact checked the information with my medical professional colleagues. I then wrote a script for each video and planned the majority of the visuals I intended to include. From there, I developed every single graphic, animation, and effect from scratch. The graphics and styles in these videos became part of the clinic’s brand identity. Each video continues to aid the journey to a better life for clinic patients and people around the world.

Social Media Examples:

There was always a frequent need for social media content at the clinic. It was a common goal to educate viewers about common conditions and services that the clinic provided. As a result, many of the social media graphics I had the opportunity to create worked towards this goal. I had to keep small screens in mind, and I always made an effort to make them attention grabbing.

Retractable Banner:

At the time of development, the clinic frequently travelled to conventions and other similar events. To showcase their services at a glance, I developed a retractable banner. I carefully designed it to fit within their brand identity and ensured it contained the information required to suit their needs. The finished product was about the size of a kayak!

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