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What is Nanoleaf?

Nanoleaf is a company known for leading the lighting industry with their unique and innovative products. They have won several awards for their lighting prowess, and their products are being enjoyed within homes and businesses around the world.

Nanoleaf Trivia Stream

Published On April 28th, 2022

Four live streamers competing in trivia game on a livestream.


Nanoleaf connect to their fans in various ways, one of which being livestreams. For one of these streams, I guest starred alongside Twitch streamer’s emijuju and YandeRose to compete in a trivia match. I captured the broadcast in its entirety. From there, I proceeded to edit the original footage in order to include the live comments, also known simply as “chat”, to the segments where the original video did not have it visible.

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Production By: Nanoleaf
Guest: emijuju
Guest: YandeRose
Guest: Schyler Connections

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