Personal Apple Icons

Icon Collection

From time to time, I like to create artwork for the various programs and scripts I have on my devices. I give them icons so they are easy to recognize and fit cleanly within the styles of their respective device. I hope you’ll enjoy looking at some of the designs I’ve created.

Center Window (Mac)

Created for a script that centers the frontmost program window in the middle of the screen. The design plays on a target design along with a classic window shape.

Clear Terminal (Mac)

Developed for a script that removes the previously used commands from the macOS Terminal. It is based off of the design for the macOS Terminal and its icon.

Start Screensaver (Mac)

This artwork was made for a script that starts the screensaver for my Mac. It is based off of the design Apple uses for screensaver files.

Quick Text (Mac)

Created for a script that creates a plain text file.

Copy EXIF To Another (Mac)

Extra data stored with a photo is called EXIF data. It will hold information such as when a photo was taken, camera information, and more. This icon was made for a script that copies the EXIF data from a photo of my choosing and applies it to another photo.

Set Play Count (Mac)

When playing songs on an Apple device, the number of times you’ve played a song is counted. On a few occasions, I’ve wanted to change the play count. This icon was made for a script that that can change that number.

PKHex (Mac)

PKHex is a program I’ve used in the past to backup various aspects of Pokemon games. It is usually only available on a PC and therefore has no macOS style icon. Through some modifications, I made it usable on a Mac and developed a more Mac like icon for it too.

YouTube Downloader (Mac)

I have a simple script on my Mac to download YouTube content. This icon was developed for that script. It takes some design aspects of the modern day YouTube logo.

Pokedex (iOS/iPadOS)

I use a website to track an aspect of a Pokemon game, referred to as the Pokedex. The Pokedex is a well known device from the Pokemon universe. This icon takes cues from the Pokedex’s many design iterations in order to create a beautiful icon fit for devices of the real world.

Channels for YouTube (iOS/iPadOS)

I’ve developed a program for my iPhone and iPad to list my favourite YouTube channels and their latest videos. This icon takes aspects of an old-fashioned television before the days of the remote. It also takes some design concepts from YouTube’s current logo.

Ring Fit Workout (iOS/iPadOS)

I started out my exercise journey with a game called “Ring Fit Adventure”. It has an iconic workout device known as the “Ring-Con”. The Ring-Con is represented in this icon along with a heart shape to represent health and exercise.